Maine Sporting Camp Database

The Foundation is developing a comprehensive database that identifies every commercially active sporting camp (i.e., those that are open to the general public) and sporting camps that have already been closed or converted to exclusive private use.

The information collected by this database includes:

  • The ownership structure of each camp and surrounding land area;
  • Whether the camp faces land ownership threats, and how immediate those threats are;
  • An overview of the business’ financial condition and sustainability;
  • The business’ staffing and employment opportunities;
  • The age, history and physical condition of the buildings and equipment;
  • The surrounding natural resources, outstanding wildlife, habitats, eco-systems and scenic values that might be used to improve the business and local community’s economy.

The Foundation uses this data, as well as inquiries from businesses or organizations that may request assistance, to identify opportunities for prioritizing and offering assistance. The database is also used in planning the Foundation’s conservation efforts.

Conservation Planning

The Foundation assists sporting camps in identifying the vital natural resources in their area, and to show how to better incorporate the resources into their business operations and marketing plans.

The Foundation’s land conservation and easement program will protect wildlife habitat and natural, undeveloped, “buffer zones” around specific sporting camps, while ensuring continued access for traditional recreational uses such as fishing, hunting, canoeing and hiking.

The Foundation’s multi-faceted initiative is to protect the forestland, and the waters they drain into, from timber liquidation and real estate speculation while also setting the stage for future permanent conservation, community forest ownership, and community & economic benefits.

Targeting Wildlife Habitats

Each area will have its own unique resources and bio-diversity. These will be recorded as the database is developed. The Foundation enlists the assistance of many partners to help identify and prioritize the specific species or resources. Working with various partners (private and state), the Foundation helps sporting camps develop a better inventory of the rare species and habitats in the area.

This database will help the sporting camps and local communities learn to utilize these special resources in a sustainable way, and to share these resources with others, thereby improving their business opportunities by attracting those visitors to the region who desire to observe or experience the area.