Current Projects

Here are some of the current projects we are busy with. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to get involved.

Sporting Camp Database Project

The project is currently configured is multiple stages. Stage 1 is now well in progress. The stages allow the project to proceed with various funding support levels, and in the end to funnel down to the most appropriate details needed by the Foundation to prioritize activities and future conservation efforts.

  1. Build Active Camp Database – Stage 1 Initial Data Collection
    1. Database Design & Prep
    2. Data Review & Initial Listings
    3. LUPC Online Data Review
    4. Property Tax Office Data
  2. Build Active Camp Database – Stage 2 Field Data Collection
    1. LUPC Data Review
    2. Local Registry of Deeds Review
    3. Outlying Registry of Deeds Review
  3. Build Active Camp Database – Stage 3 Site Visits
    1. Site Visits
  4. Build Non-Commercial Camp Database
    1. Data Review & Initial Listings
    2. Property Tax Office Data
    3. LUPC Data Review
    4. Registry of Deeds Review
  5. Build Active Camp Database – Stage 4 Ecology Review
    1. Field Visits by Consultant; Forester/Biologist; Other Professional
  6. Add Critical Habitat (ie, Deer Wintering Area) Info to Camp Database

Read More about the Sporting Camp Database Project.

Board Development Project

We are currently expanding our Board of Directors, with a goal to add 3 to 4 new members.

Founding Supporters

Our 2014 Leadership Campaign seeks to raise $12,000 from indivdual donors.

First Steps Outdoors

The Sporting Camp “First Steps Outdoors” program is offered by the Maine Sporting Camp Heritage Foundation to make it easy for outdoor enthusiasts to invite newcomers to participate in these traditional outdoor activities.

The “First Steps Outdoors” program provides an opportunity for families and their children, as well as couples and single adults, to experience their first steps into Maine’s sporting traditions during a two night stay at a traditional Maine Sporting Camp.

The goal is simple – to encourage sportsmen and women to ask family members, friends and neighbors to take their “First Steps Outdoors” and experience all the joys that Maine’s sporting traditions offer – Joys that have formed our “Sporting Heritage.”

Participating sporting camps learn how to create packages of value added services that will help attract new customers. The Foundation provides materials and specialized equipment.

Read More about First Steps Outdoors.